Only a ‘superstar’ player gets away with such a poor shot

Many Wizards fans don't care for King Crabdribble

The Heat – Wizards game, minus Gilbert Arenas, ended up being much more competitive than the Heat – in the quiet recesses of their minds – likely thought it would.  Hell, in their previous game (with him) they were down by 23 to the Nets… yes, those Nets.  So surely they would struggle even further without him.

Well, the Wizards played like a different team and led for many stretches of the game.  Early in the third quarter, the Heat were able to reclaim the lead for a bit, in part behind a couple of LeBron James threes.  But the Wizards kept playing hard.

Then came this series of possessions:

How can anyone justify an approximately 37 foot three point attempt when only about 5 seconds had ticked off the 24 second shot clock?  A desperation three as time is nearly expiring?  Sure.  But this junk, there is no excuse.

Maybe he took the shoot because the man he was guarding (Nick Young) just hit a three over his outstretched arms?  Maybe he took the shot because the Wizards (on Young’s shot) had just reclaimed a 2 point lead and his three (if successful) would put the team back up by 1 point?  Maybe he hoped that it would serve as a message to the feisty JV team that was playing his Varsity squad?  The motivation really does not matter that was a bad shot regardless of the motivation.

Well what happened next?  After another LeBron James poor decision, JaVale McGee secured the rebound – in part because only 3 Heat players had crossed half court when LeBron decided to take that shot.  The resulting Wizards possession finished with Andray Blatche driving around Chris Bosh for a slam.  Eric Spoelstra in disgust calls a timeout and walks out on the court toward LeBron’s direction.  The camera cut away before we could tell if we were about to have another bumping incident.

It would have been nice to hear if he had anything “constructive” to say to LeBron about that shot.  Or did he just let it go?

The Verizon Center is a building in which its (former) best player (Gilbert Arenas) was often questioned for his shot selection when hitting similar deep threes.

“But [Arenas] individually, it’s funny. He doesn’t seem to have much of a conscience. I really don’t think he does. Some of the shots he took tonight, you miss those, and they’re just terrible shots. Awful. You make them and they’re unbelievable shots.”- Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers following a 2006 Wizards win in which Arenas scored 60 points.

Shouldn’t LeBron’s coach and the media question him equally about his shot selection?  Oh yeah, I forgot… it is not in vogue to question LeBron’s on court decision-making.

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