Interview with Carlo Vieira, Principal Organizer of Game 225

Once a year on the playgrounds of Abidjan, which is the largest city in the Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), some of the most talented basketball players in the world play in a basketball tournament named Game 225.  Over two-days, a minimum of eight teams match up to see which team will be crowned champion.

Not familiar with the Ivory Coast?

The Ivory Coast is one of the wealthier countries in West Africa.  Currently, it is a country whose economy is driven primarily by agricultural products, as it is the world’s largest producer and exporter of cocoa beans and a significant producer and exporter of coffee and palm oil.  However, it is rapidly moving away from its dependence on agriculture.  Since 2006, oil and gas production have become much more important engines of its economic growth.

Haven’t heard of the Game 225?

The Game 225 was started by Carlo Vieira, who is a Private Banker who currently lives in France.  Mr. Vieira’s love of basketball began in his youth when he was a basketball player growing up in the Ivory Coast.  He later left his country to complete his studies in France.  However, the Ivory Coast and basketball are still very important to him.  For example, Mr. Vieira volunteers his time as the General Manager for the Ivory Coast’s National basketball team.

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