What should we expect from Nick Young in 2010/11?

This is the time of year in which we begin to wonder which players will make significant improvement from one season to the next.  One player who should be sufficiently motivated is Nick Young.  The 2010/11 season marks Nick’s final season of his rookie contract, which means that he will be playing for his next contract.  Whether that will be with the Wizards or another team will likely unfold before our eyes.
Following his impressive performance in the 2009 Summer League and training camp, Nick’s 2009/10 season began with promise.  However, he was not able to develop into the consistent force that the coaching staff had desired, for proof of this, look no further than minutes played.  Compared with the 2008/9 season, Nick saw his average MPG (22.4 to 19.2) and the total number of games played (82 to 74) each decline.  A reduction in Nick’s playing time clearly negatively impacted his offensive statistics as shown by a decline in his scoring average from 10.9 (2008/9) to 8.6 (2009/10) points per game.

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