NBA Contract Toxicity Ratings: Gilbert is not alone

It has become popular to discuss Gilbert Arenas as having the most “toxic” contract in the NBA.  Toxic in the sense that the Wizards, if they were so inclined, could not move him in part because they would not get equal value for his talent and the trading team would likely not want to take on his contract based on what Gilbert will get paid for the remaining four years of the deal.  The contract can also be considered toxic if it prevents a team from making moves to improve its team, due to a lack of salary cap space.  I would also add that if a player isn’t outperforming his current wage rate, then that contract should also be considered toxic as the team will have money tied up in an under-performing player.  In this light, when we look at the 21 highest paid players in the NBA, it becomes clear that there are a few other toxic contracts out there.

This post focuses on the 21 highest paid players in the NBA according to data pulled from Hoopshype,, Hoopsworld, DraftExpress and CBS  Please note that in many cases the players rank is based only on these 21 players and not necessarily in relation to the full list of NBA players.

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