Game recap: Trevor Booker, JaVale McGee and a “little” John Wall

Trevor Booker turned in another solid performance last night.  Booker’s line was not spectacular as much of what he provides to the team will often not show up in the box score.  Booker who, coming into this game, had been perfect from the field had his worst shooting night finishing 1-7 and scoring only 2 pts.  He also had 2 rebounds, 1 assist, a blocked shot and only 1 turnover.  He did sets solid screens, routinely hustles back on defense and follows the ball to get into position to rebound (more on this later).  Booker also blocks out!!!  Let me say that again, he blocks out – I know it is a foreign concept on this team.  Blocking out can obviously help him get a rebound, but just as importantly it can prevent his man from getting a rebound often making it easier for a teammate to grab a board (Ahem… JaVale and Dray!).

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