Wizards Yi Jianlian is exceeding expectations at the FIBA Worlds

Through three games at the FIBA Worlds Yi Jianlian has put together impressive performances.  Follow this link to take a closer look.


A Summary of Kevin Seraphin’s Interview with French Publication USA Basketball

Earlier today, Jerome Knoepffler published an interview with Kevin Seraphin for the French-language basketball site, USA Basketball.  With the help of machine translation, I am bringing you the key pieces of his interview.  Feel free to translate and read the full Knoepffler interview of Seraphin for yourself.  (Note: I am staying away from direct quotes based on the imperfect nature of machine translation.)

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Wizards Rookies Attend NBA Orientation

John Wall and Trevor Booker are in Tarrytown, NY to participate in NBA’s Rookie photo shoot.  The players will move to New York City as  part of the NBA’s orientation week for incoming first-year players.  It is unclear if Hamady N’Diaye or Kevin Seraphin participated in Tuesday’s photo shoot, but Kevin Seraphin had hoped to have his work visa in time to participate in the NBA Rookie Transition program.


The Rookie Transition program is typically a six-day seminar which began in 1986.  The objective of the program is to help the new NBA players make a seamless transition into the league.  The NBA and NBAPA jointly administered program typically covers a wide range of topics including:
Professional and Life Skills

  • Computer Training
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Professionalism/Networking

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What will we be able to take from Yi Jianlian’s performance in the FIBA World Championship?

Many Wizards fans are paying special attention to the performance of Yi Jianlian leading up to the FIBA World Championship.  The goal is to get a sense of how his game has improved and how that might translate into helping the Washington Wizards this season.  In the vein, a few in the press and blogosphere, have already begun to analyze his early performances in the tune-up games.

When analyzing Yi’s performance it is important to balance his on-court performance with a couple of key facts that impact each game:
New role: Alpha male versus role player
The 2010 Chinese National team is without its most famous player, Yao Ming, who retired from international play.  As a result, Yi is being asked to step up from a role player and take on the leadership role with his team.  Much to his credit, Yi has taken on the burden and responsibility for leading his team.  However, it is important to point out that this is a role that he has never held at this level of play.

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First Take of John Wall’s interview on ESPN’s First Take

For those of us who follow the Wizards, there wasn’t much new information generated by the questions of Dana Jacobs or Skip Bayless.  John Wall gave his Summer League performance a C+ or B- largely due to his number of turnovers and his shot selection.
And as we have learned over this short period of time with John Wall, he appears to be an incredibly level-headed individual.  When Jacobs commented that he does not appear to be a person who is ever satisfied with his performance.  Wall responded by saying,  “You can never be satisfied, you always got to be determined to keep getting better and improve yourself every night.”  It is a very rare trait when such a young player clearly understands this, but it is a trait that helps him endear himself to Wizards’ fans.

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