Is Andray Blatche Becoming More Consistent?

Andray Blatche

Three games do not make a season, but this is clearly the best three games of Andray Blatche’s career. Over this period he is averaging a double-double with significant increases in his season averages in points (9.5) and rebounds (5.3). The key is that he has not previously strung together a three game stretch like this before. In part, this is likely because of the availability of Antawn Jamison and other veteran players. Over the last two seasons, whenever Andray took a bad shot, attempted to play point-forward, tried his not-yet patented behind the back dribble drive or made a significant mistake on the defensive end, he was often pulled from the game. Well now those veteran players are not with the team. Andray is playing more significant minutes and in many respects is their go-to-man. What appears to be clear is that Andray does present match up problems for teams. The Raptors even went as far as double teaming Blatche during stretches of the game.

Raptors 24 6 3 2 1
Nuggets 18 11 3 0 1
Timberwolves 33 13 1 1 2
3 Game Avg 25 10 2.33 1 1.33

Hopefully the remaining games this season will help Andray get used to playing consistent minutes and providing consistent execution as he will clearly receive an opportunity to demonstrate his worth. While it is much too early to say that he has turned the corner – he has had flashes in the past, only to return to his past ways – he has not had a three game stretch like this over the last two seasons. If he can manage to perform like this over the course of a season, then Andray will clearly develop into an All-Star. Time and continued improvement by Andray will tell the tale.

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