Goodbye and Good Luck Antawn Jamison

Antawn, thank you for your hard work and dedication during your time with the Wizards. I enjoyed watching your “unorthodox” flip shots, your dribble drives, your ability to grab rebounds and your lock down defense (ok, I’m kidding about that). I will miss your professional attitude and the way you often spoke the truth about your teammates and what was and wasn’t acceptable. You personally helped turned this franchise around and helped provide Wizards fans with hope.

However, you are now with the enemy. 🙂 So while I would personally like to see you win a championship, unfortunately I can not say the same about your new team. Sorry, but I do not have any desire in seeing Cleveland win a championship. In fact, I am more intrigued to see if King Crab Dribble actually leaves Cleveland if the Cavs do not win a championship this year.

So while I wish you all the best… it just does not a championship, at least not this year.

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