Wizards sign Jamison

Ivan Carter reported on the Wizard’s Insider that the Wizards and Antawn Jamison have agreed on a new contract. I am thrilled that Antawn has gotten resigned. Prior to Jamison joining the Wiz, the team was a wreck. Jamison and Gil, and now Caron, have lead this team back to respectability and a genuine team guy like Jamison should be rewarded for his hard work. When I have read people’s comments online and/or listened to them on local sports radio – I am struck by how quickly people forget the Wizards recent past. A little over 4 years ago, this team was a laughing stock. And while they need to improve to move beyond the first or second round, they have a team, when healthy, that should be able to do this. And while there are fans that would like to see some combination of players get traded for a stud in the middle, which is not going to happen without parting ways with major portions of the team.

Jamison is a consistent 20-10 guy, when there aren’t that many that do it on a consistent basis. He is part of a trio, when healthy, which averages 20+ points per night – the highest scoring trio in the league. In an environment that does not have dominant big men falling from the sky, the Wiz are best served finding another experienced big man who will grab rebounds, block a few shots, and can score a few points when t he ball is passed to him. Given that there isn’t someone like the Timberwolves (or Memphis) that is looking to give their franchise player away for a bunch of scraps, the best the Wiz can do is pick up a veteran that will bang and grab rebounds. There appears to be a few of these players available. While not the sexy choices, these type of role players could be exactly what the Wiz need.

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