Wizards select JaVale McGee

In a draft that did not have a clear cut franchise big man, it was still nice to see the Wiz select a big man. By most accounts JaVale McGee is an incredible physical specimen but still very raw and with a tremendous amount of potential. And while Haywood clearly had his best season, the Wizards have long needed help in the middle – particularly rebounding, defense and a modest amount of scoring. Last season, due to Etan Thomas’ surgery, the Wiz largely played with one true center virtually all season. If McGee can manage to rebound and play defense on the NBA level, he could see some minutes this season, especially if Etan Thomas does not fully recover. On the surface, McGee appears to be a perfect fit for this team – a Center who is long, athletic, rebounds, blocks shots, scores in the paint… but can also shoot a jumper. Hopefully, he will meet and exceed his potential. Let’s hope he has the determination and drive to be the best.

While the Wizards work to sign Gil, Antawn, and it would be very nice to get Roger Mason back, the difference in the 08-09 season could be the continued improvement of Blatche, Pecherov and McGuire. In order to get past the Cavs in the playoffs, the Wiz need those three to develop to give them much more punch off the bench. Of course, I am assuming that Nick Young will also improve as well – but he clearly showed that he has the talent to be a special player. And while it is critical for the Wiz to have a healthy Gil and Caron, more consistent play from Blatche and stronger minutes from Pech and McGuire is what is needed most.

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