Celtics and their monopoly money land on ‘Park Place’

Last summer I wrote, Boston Celtics: Monopoly Money, which was primarily about the amount of money that the Celtics had tied up in 10 players. Well less than one season later, the Celtics finished off the Lakers in the most lopsided game to clinch an NBA finals. So it would appear that the Celtics were able to get a favorable return on their investment. 😉

In that earlier post, I was questioning whether or not the Celtics had enough talent (4 – 14) to go deep in the playoffs. Well it is safe to say, that they proved me and many other people wrong. Ultimately, you know what you will get from their best player – Paul Pierce – and KG. Ray Allen is not the same player, but on some nights he will give you 20+, but you still have to respect his jumper. However, the role players are what ultimately did the Lakers in. It appeared that the Celtics’ role players had more desire, toughness and heart than anyone on the Lakers save Kobe Bryant.

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