Manny Acta for Manager of the year?

Is it possible that a Manager of team that finishes the year below .500 could be seriously considered for Manager of the year?  If that manager is Manny Acta, the answer should be yes.  Coming into this season, the MLB experts were predicting that the Nationals would be “historically bad,” which is a reference to the 2003 Detroit Tigers who finished with 119 loses.


And while they will clearly finish with a sub .500 record, given that they were predicted to be such a miserable team, on par with being an expansion team, Manny Acta should be considered seriously for Manager of the year.  They have consistently been one of the better stories this season, consistently playing better than any one would have expected.  One would have to attribute much of that success to the job that Manny has done with this extremely young team.

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