Stephon Heyer: Titan pre-season game recap

It appeared that overall Stephon Heyer, an undrafted Rookie free agent tackle with the Redskins had a solid pre-season debut.  Arguably one could say that he had a better debut with the Skins then his line mate Todd Wade.  It would be very interesting to see how Coach Bugel graded each player, but through watching non-game tape Heyer appeared to have a solid game for a rookie making his first start in the NFL at left tackle.

Now while there were times in which backs and tight ends chipped to his side, overall he seemed to perform more than adequately.  There were a couple of occasions that it was tough to tell if he blew an assignment, someone else blew their assignment, or the Titans defense just had the right blitz called at the correct time.  On those two blitzes, it did not appear that he was out of place – blocking someone else’s man for instance.  But, without knowing the exact call and who has what responsibility it is nearly impossible to assign blame – if there is any blame to assign.

In retrospect, it is easy to see why the coaches like this kid.  If anything, I am surprised that no one took a shot on him late in the draft.  There will be plenty of late round draft picks who will get cut over the next couple weeks, and here is a guy who will clearly make the active roster.  It makes you wonder about what all of the teams in the NFL, including the Redskins, didn’t like about this guy to invest a 7th round pick on him (at the least).  If nothing else, his performance demonstrates that scouting is not an exact science – hell one of the Redskins greats Joe Jacoby was an undrafted free agent during a time when there were many more rounds in the draft.  Now, I am not suggesting that Heyer will be a Jacoby, I am pointing out that scouts can and do miss a few talented people.  And sometimes there are a few people whose drive is larger than their talent.

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