Skins Defense: Titan post-game recap (pre-season)

While it is pre-season and you do not want to rush to any judgments, it is important to see how well individuals or portions of teams are playing.  With that said, it was nice to see the Redskins defense playing as well as they did against the Titans.  Now, this was a Titans offense without Vince Young, but let’s keep in mind that Kerry Collins is not that far removed from being a starter in the league.

Regardless, the defense, in one pre-season game, appeared to be playing closer to their level of 2 years ago.  The combination of London Fletcher, Sean Taylor and LaRon Landry provide for a group of big hitters.  While Sean had a fairly quite game, Fletcher and Landry both laid impressive hits on various Titans.  Even more impressive than that, Fletcher proved to be in the middle of many tackles and demonstrated why the coaching staff went after him so hard in the off season.  Another bright spot was Kedric Golston, who appears to be growing into the starting DT position opposite Cornelius Griffin.

Let me say again that this was the first preseason game and I am not making any long-term predictions, but the defense collectively and some individuals showed that they may have returned to form.  Now, once the offense gets on the same page – and begins keeping Campbell upright – there might be a reason for optimism this season.

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