Wizards reportedly trade Juan Carlos Navarro to Memphis

It has been reported that the Wizards have traded their rights to Juan Carlos Navarro to the Memphis Grizzlies for a future 1st round pick.  Still as of this morning the full details are not yet available.  So at this point, I am not completely sure how I feel about this trade.  I will reserve judgment on this trade until all of the details are in.  Ultimately, the Wizards needed to get something for their asset – the key is how much would a team be willing to give up for a talent- that clearly played well in his European league – but still had questions on how well his game would translate to the NBA game.  Some speculate that at best he would serve well as a scorer off the bench.  While some feel as if he could potentially be a Manu Ginobili-type player.  The fact is that Navarro is a 27 year old guard, who has never played in the NBA; he is an excellent shooter in a very competitive, but inferior league.  So an important question is how much would a team be willing to trade for a talented player, but one with some questions?

Up to this point, Ernie has made some great decisions – minus the Etan Thomas contract.  So in general, I trust his judgment.  My belief is that ultimately, balancing multiple offers and issues, he has accepted the best possible offer for Juan Carlos Navarro.  I look forward to seeing all the facts, and then I will comment further on the quality of this trade.

2 thoughts on “Wizards reportedly trade Juan Carlos Navarro to Memphis

  1. Hi Marquis,

    I believe that they have more than enough guys to score points. I believe that then need guys to play defense. IMO that is what will provide Gilbert, Jamison and Caron with the help that you refer to. The Wiz were the second leading scoring team in the league. But they were one of the worst defensive teams. That is part of the reason I like their second round pick so much. The guy actually seems to like playing defense and more than that he has some physical skills that make him a better defender… but he is very young.

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