Cedrick Wilson: Just give me the damn ball

Reportedly, Cedrick Wilson, a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers is unhappy that he is not getting enough passes, even when he is open.  So his reaction was to spike the ball and curse.  Most who have played virtually any level of football know that this is not an uncommon issue.  Most will tolerate the outbursts from a receiver with a more impressive resume.  Don’t get me wrong, Cedrick has been a productive player since joining the Steelers but he is not their number 1 option in the passing game, hell he may be their third option at best, behind Hines Ward and Heath Miller.  The fact of the matter is that he is probably rapidly slipping behind Santonio Holmes, Nate Washington and even possibly Willie Reid (if he stays healthy).  I am all for a guy who is passionate about his work, but the public temper tantrums doesn’t generally get you the results that you desire.  Unless, ultimately your goal is to find a new team to play for. 

Now let me say a few words about Alan Faneca.  First, you have been a great player for the Steelers and arguably you are one of the best offensive linemen in the game currently.  There is no doubt that based on that you would deserve to be one of the highest paid.  I also can understand your frustration with seeing less qualified players receive superior contracts. 

But while being frustrated is clearly appropriate – the situation stinks.  Allowing those frustrations to spill out in public helps no one.  In virtually every profession there are some clear truths: we are all replaceable, there will always be a few people who are less talented that will be compensated higher than more talented individuals (it sucks but it is true), and when the frustrations spill out in public the relationship will end poorly. 

So if you have truly decided to move on after this year, I like other Steelers fans will miss you.  We have truly enjoyed watching you work.  But in the interim, keep your mouth shut and play ball.  Don’t allow your frustration to turn you into a cancer on the team.  When you are asked questions about your contract… you don’t have to answer.  Eventually people will stop asking, if you don’t answer.  In the end, I hope that it works out; I would love for you to finish your career with the Steelers.  But you and I know that the Steelers are not going to make a 31 year old guard the highest paid guard in the league – teams like Detroit and Buffalo do that crap.

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