McGuire deal done

Yesterday, Ivan Carter reported that the Wizards were able to get a contract done with Dominic McGuire.  This is great news.  This young guy provides tools that not many of the other Wizards provide.  And while cash is getting tight for the Wiz, I for one am glad they were able to sign him.  I still can’t believe that they were able to pick him up in the second round.  Now let’s just hope that in a few years he doesn’t bounce to a new team like Gilbert, who also was a second round steal, did from Golden State to the Wiz.

Ok so Blatche, who has not yet signed a new agreement, was arrested allegedly on solicitation charges.  My issue with this situation is not the typical prostitution is illegal mumbo jumbo, but rather:

  • Can’t you lay low for a few more days or weeks until you sign your new agreement?  Any “trouble,” however small or large will only cause you money

  • You are a NBA player and many young ladies (and not so young) will gladly “hang out with you”

  • If you want some no-strings, non-gold digger action, can’t you open up a phone book, sports section, hell a web directory for that matter to find a “short-term date?”


Everyone needs a little loving from time to time, but don’t be foolish and cause yourself money.  If I was a professional athlete, which clearly I am not, I can not imagine that I would ever attempt to pick up a working girl during a time when my agent is attempting to get me a new contract.

Andray, I don’t care who you are with behind closed doors.  That is your business.  I would strongly recommend that you avoid high risk situations – situations that are highly likely to cause you a great deal of embarrassment and grief.

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