Boston Celtics: Monopoly Money

FireDannyAinge got me thinking about the Celtics’ cap situation.  Now let me point out that unlike some others – Kiki Vandeweghe – I am not willing to hand the Celtics a trophy in late July / early August.  Hell as those of us who either live in the DMV and/or are Redskins fans know, you can make great moves on paper in the off-season, but they don’t mean squat in the regular season.  As the cliché goes, you have to play the games. 

“According to the website the 07-08 salary cap is currently set at $55.63M and the luxury cap threshold is set at $67.865M…”

FireDannyAinge was talking about all of the money that the Celts had tied up in three players, so I did some quick Google searches (ding) and came across the Boston Celtics Salaries on (ding).  Amazingly the page lists the Celts salary number for the 07/08 season as $69.446M, but that is only for 10 players.  So based on my quick subtraction skills, they are approximately $2M over the luxury tax threshold.  Now, they probably don’t mind paying the NBA an extra $2M, but I would think that they want to sign a full compliment of players which would mean that they will probably be $4 – $5M over the threshold. 

If for some reason they don’t make it to the playoffs (which is probably unlikely) or they don’t make it deep into the playoffs, will that finally be enough to get Danny Ainge fired?

6 thoughts on “Boston Celtics: Monopoly Money

  1. Yes, that would be enough. But that only happens if at least one of the big three gets hurt. Or it turns out that Ray Allen can’t really run after double ankle surgery. Unlikely.

  2. I believe that they will make the playoffs, but unlike some I think they won’t get as far as they would like (or some now expect). So my question is – does making the first or second round of the playoffs count as a success in ownerships mind? Does that buy Ainge more time?

  3. CJ,
    It better not buy the managment more time. They and Danny insisted that winning in the playoffs wasn’t enough. They blew up a team that the year before had gone to the ECF and they insisted that was not enough.

    IMO Ainge wins a title or he gets fired. My guess is he gets more then this year.

    Bob Ryan of all people has the most realistic article out on this subject of winning with 3 players that take all the money.

    I wish people would remember that the bench does matter. Miami and San Antonio won titles recently with huge help from their bench. The Celtics have no bench
    (not my site)

  4. FDA,

    It is amazing how few people seem to be discussing how much money is tied up with those three players. I find it amazing that they have tied up roughly 85% of their “cap” with three players and very few people seem to be discussing it.

    I would like to see Ainge get fired, but my belief is that they will win enough games now for management to think “let’s give him another year.” So most likely he will get this year and next, and then MAYBE they will seriously consider firing him following the 08 – 09 season.

  5. I wish I could figure out why both the Herald and Globe have never found fault with anything Ainge has done wrong but I can’t.

    I know for a fact he feeds the WEEI afternoon crew and gives them free tickets. They have come out and said that and now no one says anything bad about what he has done. In fact even winning the second least amount games in the NBA season made anyone call him out.

    It makes no sense at all.

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