Blatche first then McGuire

Well according to Ivan Carter it appears that the talks with Andray Blatche are creeping closer to a close.  I for one am very happy.  My personal belief is that Andray is an important part of the new Wizards nucleus – which should position them to have success in the short-term but also position them well for continued success in the future.  In virtually every sport, the most successful franchises find ways to keep their young talented players and grow them within the organization.  Andray is one of those players for the Wiz.  And while $11M over 3 years is not a monster contract in NBA terms, he is young enough that he will be able to earn a much bigger payday in the not too distant future.


Just as importantly, getting this deal done, cost effectively, should make it easier for the Wiz to sign my new favorite “youngin”… Dominic McGuire.  I was one of the freaks who watched every moment of the Wiz summer league games (thank you Tivo!) and I was very surprised and impressed by McGuire.  (Disclaimer – I fully understand that these were SL games and not NBA pre-season or regular season games)  During the SL, McGuire appeared to be the type of player that they need – one that was able to block shots, defend multiple positions, handle the ball, hit jumpers, and just do the dirty work.   While he finished as one of their leading scorers in the SL, he was able to make an impact on the game in nearly every facet of the game.  I look forward to the preseason and seeing him with the big boys.  Ernie easily found a first round talent in the second round.  It was wonderful to see the Wiz SL team with the equivalent of 3 first rounders on the floor.

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