We’ve been waiting for this…

I’ve been in the “DMV” (DC, Maryland & Virginia metropolitan) area for approximately 12 years, and I have been following the Bullets / Wizards during this length of time.  I can’t remember the Wiz having a situation quite like this in the last 12 years.  Juan Carlos Navarro provides them with a valuable asset, one in which they can trade to improve their team.  They can attempt to trade JCN for some immediate help, they can use him to remove some unfriendly contracts (see Thomas or Daniels), or a combination of picks and short-term contracts.  Any of those situations will help the Wiz.  Combine that with the talent that Ernie has been able to assemble in his relatively short time with the Wiz and it is hard to be anything but impressed with Ernie’s performance thus far.


I know that I am much more comfortable with Ernie calling the shots, then past Wizards leadership.  And while JCN’s former team has placed the August 3rd deadline on the Wiz, I am comfortable with Ernie.

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