JCN: One door closes, another opens

Since the Heat have signed Uncle Traveling Matt… I mean Smush Parker; it would appear as if they are out of the running for JCN.  I say appear, because I find it a bit strange that Pat Riley would travel to Spain to talk with the player – who according to reports, he loves – just to drop out of the running.  Honestly though, I am not crazy about a team dealing with a conference foe, but that is just me.


It does appear that Miami’s gain, was the Lakers loss and now they are entering the JCN bidding, according to the Post’s Ivan Carter.  Now, the Lakers may not have what the Wizards need – we sure as hell don’t want Kwame back – but I am much more comfortable dealing with them then the Heat.   It is nice to be in a position where people need/want what you have.  As Ivan points out, I am sure that Ernie will make a deal by the deadline, the question is how good will the deal be.  Hell, we have had his rights for five years, and almost anything is better than what we have had, but I am very confident that Ernie will not “give” him away.  Which of the reported eight teams will become most desperate as the week creeps closer to the end?  In a strange twist of fate the deadline that FC Barcelona put on the Wiz, could actually help them.  Teams who need a point guard / scorer now have very limited options and a deadline of August 3rd to make their move (and 7 other bidders).  Why would Ernie and the Wiz not be happy with this situation?

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